5 Things You Can Do to Lose Weight Faster


Avoid Sweets. Period.

Yes, we know it’s easier said than done, but there’s a reason for this. Whenever you taste something sweet (and that means a salted caramel, a ripe peach or a cough drop) your brain triggers a hormonal response and tells your body to produce insulin. Whenever that happens you start retaining fat.

Until you reach your goal, try to avoid sweets at all cost. It’s not easy, but it is THE fastest way to speed up weight loss. Nothing sweet, no excess insulin. No excess insulin, no excessive storing of fat. You can get all the same nutrients in vegetables as you can from fresh fruit and there’s just enough sugar for your body to manage naturally without going into insulin overdrive. If you want to lose fast, ditch the sweets – ALL of them – until you reach your goal.