9 Foods That Help Maintain Bone Health

A one-two punch in the fight against Osteoporosis

There are two key nutrients for building strong bones and maintaining good bone health: Calcium and Vitamin D. Calcium helps support tooth and bone structure. Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption and promotes bone growth.

While these nutrients are an important part of your diet early in life, they are equally important as you age. Maintaining a steady supply of Calcium and Vitamin D throughout your life could slow or prevent the development of Osteoporosis, a disease which causes brittle bones and bone fractures, particularly in people over 50.

Adults under age 50 need at least 1000mg of Calcium coupled with 200 IU (International Units) of Vitamin D per day. After age 50, those numbers increase to 1200mg of calcium and 600 IU of Vitamin D. Read on to discover 9 foods that can help keep your bones healthy and provide some or all of the recommended daily intake of these nutrients.