Top Theme Park Attractions: The 12 Oldest Rollercoasters In America

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Ride Into the Past with These 12 Historic Coasters

Ask most people what they like about their favorite amusement park and they’ll tell you all about the roller coasters nearly¬†every time. Roller coasters are a true American tradition and there are still some of the great original rides that first made our grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ pulses pound operating in parks throughout the country today.

Whether you live close by any of these gems or if you have to hop on a plane and start your own airtime adventure from far, far away, we have 12 ways for you to experience true Americana and quite literally take a ride on a piece of history.

The youngest three on the list date back to 1927 and still draws huge crowds. This is normally where we tell you to read on, but instead, we’re just going to have you lower your lap bars and hang on. You’re in for quite a ride!