Rediscover Train Travel with the World’s Top 10 Scenic Rail Trips

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Eastern & Oriental Express, Southeast Asia


Fine dining, luxury accommodations, and spectacular views are all on the ticket when you ride the Eastern & Oriental Express. It provides the opportunity to take in a gorgeous countryside while enjoying a cocktail and some live entertainment from the train’s teakwood observation car. There are also plenty of places to simply relax and get some rest if you can possibly take your eyes off the amazing scenery.

This luxury rail line also offers a choice of itineraries including an amazing six-night trip that takes passengers from Singapore through Kuala Lumpur, passing thorough the Cameron Highlands, into Penang and Huay Yan. There are also shorter trips of two and three nights that travel between Singapore and Bangkok. Leave the bustling city behind and take in the quaint rural landscapes along with ancient villages and temples.

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