Rediscover Train Travel with the World’s Top 10 Scenic Rail Trips

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Pride of Africa, South Africa


Restored polished teak carriages take travelers aboard the Pride of Africa on a luxury rail travel excursion that is reminiscent of the era of glamour unique to the 1920s.

On any of the various itineraries traveling through South Africa, guests are treated to absolutely lavish accommodations. Choose from three types of cabins, including the Royal Suites which span half an entire train car and also include in-suite bathrooms with Victorian style tubs and private lounges.

Victorian-Era dining cars offer a selection of traditional local delicacies along with a sip of some of South Africa’s best wines served on the train’s open air “patio.” Despite all this decadence, you’ll want to be sure to avert your eyes away from the onboard luxuries long enough to take in the views of the South African bush, the Kalahari Desert, Victoria Falls, or the various wildlife reserves through which the route winds.

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