Rediscover Train Travel with the World’s Top 10 Scenic Rail Trips

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The California Zephyr – United States


This rail line is more about scenery than luxury, but there is simply no better way to see the western U.S. The California Zephyr runs between Chicago and San Francisco.

The nearly three day, two night trip brings with it an impressive collection of breathtaking views. See the midwest plains of Nebraska, the towering Rocky and Sierra Nevada Mountains as well as some of the most picturesque scenery you are likely to ever see at one time in this lifetime.

If you can bring yourself to sleep through all of that, the Superliner Sleeping Cars are the perfect accommodation for catching a nap or two. The train also has an Observation Car with glass walls for the best views from anywhere on board and a lounge serving up your favorite potent potables. 2,438 miles will roll by before you can blink and you will gain a heightened appreciation for the array of landscapes and views throughout the United States.

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