Places To Stay Around the World You Won’t Believe are Under $50 a Night

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We’re giving you a no tent, no hostel guarantee

…not that either of those things are bad, of course, but we think we can do much better for you. It’s no secret that traveling anywhere is expensive. The airfare alone is enough to break the bank for most people. Add to that the necessity for ground travel and food, by the time you get around to accommodations you might be thinking you need to go for the absolute minimum. If that’s true, we have great news for you.

When you get a look at what can actually be had for such a small amount of money throughout the world you’ll wonder why you haven’t done more traveling until now. There really are some absolutely amazing places you can stay that work out to about $50 USD per night, either singly or divided amongst a group of travelers. Read on to get guided tour of some real places you can stay for practically pocket change.¬†You won’t believe what $50 (or less!) will you get you.

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