Dating Tips for Men: 7 Things To Avoid When Talking to Women

#1. Don’t Be Fake or Indirect

Most guys approach talking with girls in a way that seems like they’re actually afraid the girl will know he’s interested. Here’s a newsflash for you: a girl knows when she’s being hit on so instead of fumbling around your words, making pointless small talk, or drowning the conversation in pretense, try this. “Hi. I’m Mike. I think you’re very beautiful and I had to come over here and meet you.” The direct approach works much better.

It’s so simple and yet so few guys ever try it. Here’s the thing: straight up honesty goes a long way. Be direct about your intentions and maintain that tone throughout the conversation. If all you’re looking for is a one-nighter, that will come up eventually but don’t be too anxious. Women like honesty but they don’t like being treated like sluts. The keyword here is “balance.” No girl is going home with you if you can’t show you’re interested at least as much in her as you are in “it.”