Dating Tips for Men: 7 Things To Avoid When Talking to Women

#7. Don’t Play It Safe

You don’t want to come across as a creep, but you don’t want to be a wuss either. Tip too far over in that direction and you’ll get friend zoned faster than you can blink. Let’s be honest: she knows what you want. Don’t be a pig about it but don’t come across as “safe” either. Women like the idea of being pursued. They want you to make the bold move. Now, when I say “bold” I don’t mean “forceful.” Women also like to feel in control. You have to find the balance between the nice guy and the bad boy. Most women go for a guy who is somewhere in between.

So, when you talk to girls, remember that confidence is key but don’t get cocky. Be expectant that she will respond to you the way you want but don’t be too aggressive. Need a little more advice? Learning how to talk to girls is a process but it can be done almost literally overnight. Click on the banner below right now. I’ve got something else that will help you make that all important first contact and make it successful.

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