Dating Tips for Men: 7 Things To Avoid When Talking to Women

#4. Don’t Avoid Making Eye Contact

When talking to a girl, you want to look straight at her. Don’t stare, but don’t talk over her shoulder and certainly DO NOT talk to her while you check out the hottie heading over to the jukebox. Do that and it’s game over, man.

Eye contact establishes trust and communicates confidence. It also shows that you’re interested in her and that, at that moment, you’re giving her your undivided attention. Establishing eye contact the right way at the right time can really make sparks fly. It’s not just some Hollywood cliché. The whole “across a crowded room” scenario is a real thing. It happens all the time. Keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity, then – and this is important – immediately go talk to her. Opportunity is knocking.