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9 Awesome Independent Amusement Parks

Looking for the ultimate thrill-seeking theme park vacation? Check out one (or more) of these 9 great independent amusement parks, each with its own style, charm, and impressive selection of heart-thumping thrill rides, extensive kiddie ride sections, and other attractions that put the big-box amusement companies like Six Flags to shame.

The World’s 5 Best Beaches

Thinking about your next big summer getaway? The only question is, “How far away do you want to get?” We've got a list of the top 5 beach vacation destinations on earth to fill all your globetrotting (or daydreaming) needs.

Windjammer: The Best Kept Secret in Cruise Vacations

Hoist the sails and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! It’s time to experience the other side of cruise vacations: windjammer cruises. Once you’ve been on a windjammer cruise, you will never look at those huge commercial cruise ships the same way again. Windjammers are very relaxing and they provide you with a