How to Avoid Work at Home Scams


Work at Home Jobs to Avoid:

Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Scams can be harder to spot since there are plenty of legitimate data entry jobs out there and more and more companies are outsourcing their data entry to freelancers.

Much like the assembly scam, a questionable data entry job often requires that you pay for the data with the promise of a sizable return for the finished work. In a best case scenario, you go through the motions of doing all the work never to hear from the “client” again. In a worst case scenario, you get a tiny list in the mail or via email with no further details or instructions.

Legitimate work at home data entry jobs are usually available through reputable corporate websites or through freelancing sites like Elance, ODesk, and Fiverr, all of which offer the opportunity to either be paid upfront or guarantee payment via escrow.