Traveling Alone: 9 Major Benefits of Going Solo

You may never really be alone

Wait. What? I thought you’re trying to tell me that I should travel alone, I’m confused! Yes, you should travel alone, but traveling alone doesn’t always mean being alone all the time. When you’re in your big group of friends, how often do you make new friends? Seldom.

If you’re alone on the road, like you’ll see many others are, you are immediately drawn to each other and before you can say, “Sawadeeka!” or “Hola!” you’ll have made at least one friend. Increase your chances by staying at a dorm where you are essentially forced to be social.

You’ll make friends so quickly, and you will cherish their friendship equally as closely as your friends back home, but the beautiful thing is, this is a choice and you can pick and choose when to socialize.