America’s Best Motorcycle Roads

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Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Parkway РNorth Carolina & Virginia

This 469-mile stretch is situated along 29 Virginia and North Carolina. It spans alongside the Blue Ridge Mountains and provides mind-blowing views as you ride within the recommended 45mph speed.

Its signature curves and elevation can be ridden in a single day but consider riding for two days for a better experience. As you ride through the Blue Ridge Parkway you will notice that there are no gas stations along the parkway; you’ll have to exit to fill up.

One thing that motorcycle riders love about this stretch is its unfolding natural beauty. With every elevation comes a corresponding transition of the trees from oak, to hickory, to conifers. The natural beauty presented by the views is absolutely breathtaking. You will also notice quite a number of trees along the route that have been permanently bent and contorted as a result of the continuous winds.

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