Losing Your Hair? Start Eating These Six Foods

Some men start losing their hair before their 21st birthday. Even if it isn't all that noticeable, chances are your hair either has started or will start thinning as you get older. If you suffer from male pattern baldness or if you are genetically predisposed

6 Super Foods That Burn Fat Like a Furnace

Feel the Burn! There are foods that have very high thermogenic effects and that means exactly what it sounds like: they have the ability to make your metabolism run like a fat-burning furnace. The more of these foods you incorporate into your diet, the

9 Popular (and Lucrative) Online Jobs

It's Time to ditch the commute. Sponsored Links The Internet has given birth to a whole new crop of jobs, many of which didn't even exist a decade ago. Today, there are a multitude of reputable and reliable ways to earn money online without the