9 Awesome Independent Amusement Parks


Knoebels Groves Amusement Resort (Elysburg, Pennsylvania)

Pennsylvania certainly has no shortage of amusement parks but if you want to visit the best, you have to take a trip to Knoebels. Aside from having two world-class wooden coasters (the Phoenix and Twister), they offer some of the most unique rides anywhere including their latest wooden bobsled ride, Flying Turns: a throwback to the classic pre-WWI design first envisioned by British aviator John Norman Bartlett.

What makes Knoebels even more special is that it is one of a very few parks that offer free parking and free admission. And while most other parks prohibit bringing in outside food or beverages, Knoebels actually encourages it to the point of supplying picnic pavilions and designated areas for barbecuing. The experience takes the concept of a tailgate party to a whole new level.

But it gets better still! They offer both pay-one-price ride plans or pay-as-you-go tickets for those who just want to take a turn on the Phoenix without paying for a day’s worth of ride time. Pay one price is available most weekdays and on designated weekends. 

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