9 Spectacular Greek Islands You Might Not Have Heard Of

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For the truly adventurous, the volcanic island of Milos offers ancient abandoned iron mines and catacombs to explore. It has a particularly rugged landscape with stunning, ancient rock formations. Visitors have often described the island as reminiscent of images of the the surface of the moon. So what is there to draw visitors who aren’t into ghosts of the past and rough glacier-hewn slabs of jagged rock? You’d be surprised.

Milos is also a great place to experience hot springs. It is also the place where the famous Venus De Milo statue was found. The island has a wonderful diversity of landscapes and close to 80 beaches, some of which are truly breathtaking.

Milos is also known as “the island of colors.” Many of the beaches are accessible only by boat and range in appearance from dazzling white to dramatic black, even a few that are a curious red and gray. One thing they all have in common is the brilliant aquamarine waters that surround them along with the rugged mountains that finish the picture of the gorgeous landscape.

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