9 Spectacular Greek Islands You Might Not Have Heard Of

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Located near the better-known island of Crete, Gavdos is the southernmost point in Greece as well as Western Europe, save for the Canary Islands. The island is accessible only accessible via ferry and has only about 50 year-round residents. With so few people around it can feel like you’re in your own private paradise for the duration of your vacation or holiday.

According to local legend, Gavdos is home to the Greek goddess Calypso and is where she once held Odysseus prisoner. Today, a popular tourist activity is visiting the spot that is believed to be her cave.

There are no luxury hotels here, but there are a small number of rooms for rent and the island offers some amazing seaside camping. What does camping on the shores of the MediterraneanĀ cost, you wonder? It’s free. No, we’re not kidding. Free, albeit rugged, accommodations with an amazing view. If you’re the true outdoor type, how can you possibly beat that?

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