America’s Best: 10 Picturesque Vacation Destinations

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Gulf Shores, Alabama

The Gulf Shores is situated close to Orange Beach, which is also located on the 32 mile coastline at the southern tip of Alabama next to the Gulf of Mexico. The small beach town of Gulf Shores is home to an amazing beach which is made up of fine grain sand deposited here over centuries from the Appalachian quartz deposits. 

If you’re looking for a great coastal spot to get away to but do not want to head on to the popular beach destinations of Florida or the West Coast, then this is your best bet. As a fun and interesting tourist destination, you will find a host of fun outdoor activities to keep you busy and active when you are not soaking up the sun lying on the beach. These include Festivals such as the Hangout Music Festival, championship golf, zip lines and a host of exciting water sports.

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